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Theater Flats Maybe I'll Enjoy It Next YearOp Montmartre in de Bergen

Theater Flats Maybe I'll Enjoy It Next YearMaybe I'll Enjoy It Next Year
T.b.v. clip Wouter Hamel

Theater Flats Maybe I'll Enjoy It Next Year Akela's
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The ladies of THEATER FLATS are rather unworldly!

You’ll meet them in streets, in shops, at receptions, study days, symposia, staff functions, jubilees, workshops, meetings, exhibitions, themed gatherings, get-togethers
and open days.

With an inexhaustible wardrobe, they magic a new creation from the cupboard every time and, using ‘forbidden theatre’, create a playful atmosphere and a light-hearted note, if necessary fitting in with a theme.

Together with the organisation Theater Flats makes your event a little different, les colourless, more lightly, and
more attractive.

Theater Flats, Rollator-dames, rollator-ladies, de enige echte!
Theater Flats:
Gerline de Poorter, Francie Lommen en Bernadette Hendrikx

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